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Six Steps to Give Your Business a Boost


1.   Fight the Complexity Monster.

-        If your business plan is more than a handful of pages, you’re in trouble. If your conference calls or regular meetings are over 30 minutes, you’re wasting time. If people favor lots of talk, instead of reviewing text and making decisions, you’ve become a debating society. People love to make the simple, complex. Combat the complexity monster by getting back to basics like: What are we selling and how do we sell more of it? How do we promote more engagement on our social media? How do we improve our internal communications so our staff is fully informed and engaged? What works so we can build it out and what doesn’t so we can shut it down?


2.  Do an honest self-evaluation.

-        Go to the white board and list every single positive element of your business. Note your market share, product development, expansion into new markets, customer service, employee satisfaction, profit, etc. Next, list the negatives on the other side of the white board. Note sales and staff problems, declining customer base, increased competition, expenses, etc. Keep an open mind when listing each positive and negative, including personnel issues. Then, work to advance your positives and correct the negatives. This simple evaluation can give you an honest snapshot of your firm in less than an hour.


3.  Learn from the successful.

-        What have larger firms done to dominate their market? How have they targeted customers, built brand and customer loyalty, and squeezed competitors? What are they doing to use data analytics to increase the sales on digital media and expand their presence on social media?  If you take the time to observe what the bigger firms did to succeed, you can mirror that success at a local, state or regional level.  Most of their success is due to their drive, discipline, customer service, follow-up, and having trained personnel who love what they do. They grew their business by mastering the basics. Take the time to study the best and learn from them.


4.  Every sales message has three simple elements.

-        First, tell customers who you are. Second, tell them what you do. Third, tell them why you’re the best choice. If you master these three message points, you’ll be connecting with every consumer.


5.  Use story-based messaging in your sales.

-        Everyone loves a story! Engage consumers by relating the story of your founding, your family heritage, or unique angle few might know about. This will connect you to people in a more personal way. Testimonials succeed because they build trust, increase favorable awareness of your product or service, and have a better memory retention rate than standard advertising. Feature stories that hit the heart and move the mind. Focus on the problem and provide the solution. Collect stories on your social media that features people thanking you for your product or service and use that in your sales promotion. Use photos and images as the main visual with text in support. Finally, always remember to show a shared concern with people so you reach them at a more personal level.


6.  Embrace the digital and social media age.

-        Today, we can target our sale and public relations communications on a myriad of digital and social platforms. And, data analytics allow us to know our consumers in a more comprehensive way. Use today’s technology so you can pivot to the future, know your customer better, and increase customer loyalty. This requires more creative content so work with your advertising firm to create targeted content that can be used when needed. Above all, localize your communications so you beat the big national firms by knowing your customer better.