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Is An Art

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Political ads are boring. We believe they don’t have to be. Your message is powerful, and your ads should magnify it. We’ve spent decades perfecting the craft of communication, and we have proof.

Our Work

Peter Meijer for Congress - "Order"
Yvette Herrell for Congress - "No Matter Where"
Republican National Convention - "Threads of Freedom"
Steve Stivers for Congress - "Promise to Protect"
Kat Cammack for Congress - "Chicken"
Randy Feenstra for Congres - "Jumpstart"
Republican National Convention - "Dear Democrats"
Ted Gradel for Congress - "Hit the Mark"
Save Amarillo PAC - "Clowns"
Jason Wuliger for Lake County Commissioner - "What's a Wuliger?"
Ted Gradel for Congress - "Underdog"
Beth Parlato for Congress - "Sunday Sauce"
Sean Duffy for Congress - "Family Reunion"
Faith Family Freedom Fund - "Ultimate Social Justice Warrior"
AIDS Healthcare Foundation - "Without 340B - Labor"
Mike DeWine for Ohio Governor - "Harvest"
AspireSTL - "One Goal"
Eddie Edwards for Congress - "Strong"
Vote No Protect Ohio (No on 2018 Ohio Issue 1) - "Born an Addict"
NRCC IE - "Forgotten"
Sean Duffy for Congress - "Just Like Dad"
Ohio Taxpayers for Lower Drug Prices (Yes on Issue 2) - "Bully"
Marsy's Law for Nevada - "You Don't Have the Right ES"
Keith Rothfus for Congress - "Indivisible"
Donald Trump for President - "Livelihood"
Donald Trump for President - "Blueprint"
Rand Paul for U.S. Senate - "Washington Machine"
Paul Mitchell for Congress - "Conservative Outsider"
John Boozman for U.S. Senate - "Delivery"
College Republican National Committee - "Are You Still Watching"
Tim Derickson for Congress - "Mess"
Dan Bongino for Congress - "Service"
Ron O'Brien for Franklin County Prosecutor - "Risk"
AEP Ohio - "Shining Brightly"
Sean Duffy for Congress - "I Am An Axe"
John Kasich for Ohio Governor - "Johnny's Story"
Fair Energy Ohio - "Competition"
Rand Paul for President - "A Different Kind Of Republican"
Barbara Comstock for Congress - "Taxman"
Ann Wagner for Congress - "Lessons"
Fair Energy Ohio - "Step in Line"
Curt Clawson for Congress - "3 Point Challenge"
Andy Barr for Congress - "Scary Guy"
Coalition for a Secure Energy Future - "Teamwork"
Michele Bachmann for Congress - "Broken"
Sean Duffy for Congress - "The Duffys"
College Republican National Committee - "Shark Vote"
College Republican National Committee - "CCSI"
Tommy Thompson for U.S. Senate - "Washington Game"
Family Research Council Action PAC - "Government On Our Backs"
Allan Fung for Rhode Island Governor - "Blockhead"
Mike Pence for Indiana Governor - "First Date"
John Kasich for Ohio Governor - "Deliver"
Keith Rothfus for Congress - "Regular Guy"
Sean Duffy for Congress - "Get America Rolling Again!"
Faith Family Freedom Fund - "Inheritance of Debt"
John Kasich for Ohio Governor - "A New Day"
John Boozman for U.S. Senate - "Fishing" - "Sunk"

Mike Pence for Governor - "Road to Growth"

Curt Clawson for Congress - "Insider Politicians Club"

Marsy's Law for Illinois - "Immeasurable Loss"

Frank Balles for NJ Senate - "Favorite Things"

Jack Kingston for US Senate - "Call Me Maybe"

Michele Bachmann for Congress - "Airport"

Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin - "Emergency"

Committee for Oklahoma City Momentum - "Silence"

Jobs First Coalition - "Call"

Jobs First Coalition - "Welcome"

Morning in America PAC - "Game Show"

Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce - "Baggage"

Ron O'Brien for Franklin County Prosecutor - "Take One"

Mike Pence (IN)

John Kasich (OH)

Mike DeWine (OH)

Ron Johnson (WI) (NRSC IE)

Ted Cruz (TX)

Bill Hagerty (TN)

Pat Toomey (PA) (NRSC IE)

Rob Portman (OH) (NRSC IE)

Ben Sasse (NE)

Richard Burr (NC) (NRSC IE)

Steve Daines (MT)

Roy Blunt (MO) (NRSC IE)

Rand Paul (KY)

Marco Rubio (FL) (NRSC IE)

Cory Gardner (CO) (NRSC IE)

John Boozman (AR)

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